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At dj clinic, one of our guiding principles is that “No key fits every Lock”, All patients are different and the right procedure for each has to be tailored to his or her expectations (physical and mental) & limitations (physical and financial).
The dj clinic is this seamless integration of both surgical and non surgical techniques by both our doctors who are each other’s closest allies and sharpest critics.


we are a team of experts

We are a group of highly qualified and experienced Trichologists who study and implement the best hair care solutions. We are well aware and acquainted with the advanced technology that is being used for treating a wide range of hair problems. We are experienced with hair care treatments for a decade now. We have served various patients who are now our happy customers.


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Our expertise includes hair transplantation, laser hair removal, hair restoration, hair pigmentation, BIO FUE & beard and eyebrow restoration. We provide consultation and solutions for hair thinning and broad-spectrum hair problems.


We Offer Great Comfort And Quality - 3

It is to bring out the most beautiful version of you. We strive towards combating against the feeling of lack of confidence that lurks due to hair loss and complement it with technological treatment that puts you on the natural path to recapture your beauty.

Our aim is to achieve excellence in the art & science of beauty. A brief overview on all procedures available to assist us in shaping your dreams is right here. In today’s time cosmetic surgery has made rapid strides. Cutting edge technology has made procedures safer & faster.

Passionate Doctors & Nurses

The single most important decision towards achieving a great result is choosing the right doctor. Cosmetic procedures performed by qualified doctors is safer, quicker, has more natural looking results and minimum downtime. Knowing “What, When, Where (and When NOT)” is more important than knowing “How”! It’s not only for the aged or deformed

Modern Technologies

Thankfully, hair transplant technology has advanced tremendously over the past 20 years. Specially crafted tools are used to extract and place grafts. Grafts are now placed closely together, just like our natural hair is, which gives the transplanted hair a nice, natural, and blended look. Experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeons are now able to leverage their skills and techniques to give the best and most natural looking hair outcomes possible.