Men, looking to undergo a facial hair transplant, might be those who have:

  • Scars because of any trauma, surgical procedure or burns
  • Suffered from traction alopecia, which could have led to loss of hair
  • Other medical reasons such cancer or infections
  • Long standing conditions such as alopecia areata
  • Scarring caused by conditions such as folliculitis
  • Loss of hair, due to previously conducted transplant surgery or surgeries
  • For most men, hair is a sign of masculinity and for most men, losing hair is equivalent to losing their manhood. While hair does start sprouting for most men during their teenage years, there are some who are unable to enjoy a moustache or beard even after their teenager days are over and for most of them a facial hair transplant, would be a great option.

    With the assistance of the best beard transplant surgeons, who are now present in Bangalore, having a full beard or moustache has now become not only a reality, but also an easy way out. Today, if you want a new beard or are only looking at rejuvenating a beard that you already had, it is possible and the procedure is quite an uncomplicated one.

    Before you decide to undergo a beard transplant, you need to understand its anatomy. The formation of the beard starts during the puberty and it continues to grow and develop till the mid-thirties. For the purpose of a beard transplant, the face will normally be divided into two sections – the lateral and the frontal. The lateral part will include the sideburns, the cheeks and the jawline. In the frontal part, it will be the moustache and the goatee, along with the chin and lowest part of the jawline