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Non-surgical procedure to treat alopecia. This does not take more than, 15-20 mins. This is a safe procedure with reliable results in terms of hair loss reduction and volume gain. It is suitable for both men and women, suffering from alopecia.
There is no downtime for this treatment and can be done as a Lunchtime procedure. People have reported natural results with an increased volume of hair.

Acne Treatments

Acne may result due to clogged pores. Acne ranges from mild to severe, however, responds well to proper treatment. We use salicylic acid and floralux for acne treatment. Salicylic acid is a safer option than benzoyl peroxide, and more effective. Unlike benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid does not damage the skin and has acne-fighting properties, keratolytic properties

Eyebrow Transplantation

Direct Hair Implantation, helps to restore beard and eyebrows. There is a complete control on the depth and direction of implantation. This is possible by the innovative implanting tool that we use. You can get the beard and eyebrow area designed and transplanted in a certain way according to your aspirations on how it needs to look. We then place the extracted hair follicles.

Mole / Wart Removal

There are usually two methods of removing a mole. In the first one, our skilled surgeons take a scalpel to shave the mole. After which an electrical instrument will slightly burn the area to stop any sought of bleeding. We smother the wound by an antiseptic solution and cover it by a bandage. However, during excision of the mole, which is another method, the procedure involves stitches. This method is for cosmetically sensitive areas. Our specialists map the mole and numb the area surrounding it with a local anaesthesia.


Laser treatment is the most advanced treatment for removing unwanted pigmentation on the skin. Pigmentation is usually a build-up of cells containing excessive melanin under the skin. They are referred to as freckles/age spots. They may develop on the hands, face or any area on the body. The type of laser treatment depends on the area being treated.Our well-trained specialists use different types of laser depending on the type of pigmentation. If pigmentation is superficial, or just on the surface

Scar Removal

Scarring is a part of the healing process of any injury. We treat them when it is cosmetically undesirable. This treatment is performed by experienced dermatologists, while they combine two different technologies. The micro needling with radio frequency are the two technologies used for assured results in eliminating scars. First, they apply a numbing gel, topically. Then they use the micro needle device to penetrate the skin. Radiofrequency is delivered right to the dermis

Tatto Removal

Laser tattoo removal is currently the advanced treatment to eliminate tattoos, permanently. This is a preferred method, as it does not leave behind any scars. Before the treatment, we test the skin to examine & identify the colours present in your tattoo and what kind of laser beams you would need in order to remove the tattoo. We use a handheld device that emits a different type of wavelengths depending on the pigments in the colour that needs to be eliminated.


Vitiligo is the appearance of single or multiple depigmented patches on any part of the body. These patches gradually increase in size & cause lot of psychological stress to the patient. It is an auto-immune condition and may have a genetic predisposition. Treatment of vitiligo usually takes a long time. Medical treatment helps in arresting the spread of depigmentation and in some cases, may bring back the pigmentation


PRP is a method of autologous tissue revitalization & regeneration. It involves the enrichment of blood plasma with platelets and its direct injection to the area affected by hair loss. PRP treatment is mainly based on the action of Growth Factors, which are proteins that lie in our body (plasma and platelets contain growth factors) and help it by developing regenerating and revitalizing action to repair the tissues that do not operate properly or have been damaged.